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Starting from scratch? That's great. We have everything you need to fast track your digital lifestyle.


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A complete digital business system that includes a refined marketing system and support as well as the products you need to succeed online. 


Training, Training, Training.

Live webinar training where you will gain marketing skills that can practically be applied to your business, as well as to your life.


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Learn the business strategy, used by two internet millionaires, who actually achieved their success using the same exact steps and mindset. 

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"A traditional education can help you make a living. A digital education can help you make a life"

Exclusive Video Series

Prepare yourself to be swept away by our Exclusive Video Series. Each day, over the next 7 days, you will receive, by email, a link to a special feature video that will show you the cutting edge foundation of online business. Each video will clearly illuminate the path for you to begin setting up a profitable online business, literally, from scratch.

  • An Introduction - With Stuart And Jay
  • Cashing In On The Digital Gold Rush
  • Big Problem. Big Solution
  • List Building For Profit
  • Earning Multiple Income Streams
  • Never Be Obsolete Again
  • Meet SFM Students Turned Mentors

Get ready to experience a different way of thinking. Our Exclusive Video Series offers an educational journey unlike any other. The SFM is an exclusive private community of like minded achievers who are focused on the process of creating their preferred lifestyle via their online business.

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  1. Learn How To Sell...Online

    To discover the powerful concept of List Building For Profit that you can use to sell anything, to anyone, anywhere...in the world.

  2. Build A Business, Build A Lifestyle.

    To leverage the "set and forget" power of an online business system that, once built, may require only a few hours of marketing each week.

  3. Want To Get Started Fast?

    To learn how to do just that. Get going.

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  • The training provided is world class. Whether you want the best skills to promote your own business or to learn how to make money on the internet. This training is an absolute must!

    Liam Kearney

    *Individual results will vary from person to person. Read our Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

  • Because of this system, we are able to travel the world and live a lifestyle that most people would deem impossible until retirement age.

    Greg & Fiona

    *Individual results will vary from person to person. Read our Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

  • This is the simplest business model we have ever experienced! We've never seen a business system that creates profits as quickly as this one does!

    Lee & Tami

    *Individual results will vary from person to person. Read our Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

  • I was absolutely blown away the first time I was wired $1000 for just one product sale I made using the system.

    Mark Ford

    *Individual results will vary from person to person. Read our Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

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Z Dharamsey

Digital Skills Enthusiast.

Z Dharamsey

Small Business Owner, Realtor & Online Marketing Consultant

Increasingly, people lack the life skills required to be self-made and via that process become self-reliant. People spend their life savings on their education and get a job they think they should have. They go through life with little fulfillment; overworked and channeled by a system that most often exploits their efforts and talents instead of helping them achieve their best for themselves. My vision is to wake people up one by one; wake them up to their respective potential and show them the opportunities in digital economy which has made it possible to live a life ofself-reliance, control and freedom, a great degree of freedom. I welcome you to join me in my quest to help people do their best for themselves and for those they love and care for.

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Small business owner and serial entrepreneur at heart. I live in Toronto, Ontario with my family. I have a bachelors degree in Finance from the US and a Masters degree in Marketing from the UK. I have a background in banking and have started and built small businesses in a variety of industries. The entrepreneur in me led me to the digital business space where personal freedoms are as important as personal finances. 

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Markham Ontario L3R 6G2