The CST E-Series Attain is a E-bike tire in the world’s biggest bicycle tire maker. CST (Cheng Shin Tire) is a Taiwanese company with factories in Taiwan and China. There is a significant chance you have ridden on CST tires without even understanding, a great deal of tires out of smaller manufacturers are now rebranded CST tires. They also have the Maxxis brand, which will be their luxury brand. The CST branded tires have been advertised as the more value-oriented tires.

The E-Series Reach includes a 22 TPI carcass, single chemical rubber, ECE-R75 certificate (as much as 50 km/h), as well as also the CST APL technology. The APL process is essentially a 1 mm thick layer of rubber which is more difficult to penetrate. Though 1 mm is far better than nothing, in addition, there are tires available on the market which include 3 – 5 mm thick AP layers. Perhaps this coating is extremely difficult to penetrate while at precisely the exact same time keeping rolling resistance at a very low level? Let us place this tire on the test seat.

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CST specifies that the weight ought to be near 715 g, my sample comes in at 734 g. On a 17C rim, in an air pressure of 60 psi, the 37-622 E-Series Reach measures 37 mm wide and 34 mm high. It is wonderful to find a scooter really measure near its rated size.

The E-Series Reach includes a nearly slick tire profile, you will find just a few small grooves in the edge of the tire. I have quantified these grooves at 1.1 mm deep. This definitely is not as that many other flying tires that come nearer to two mm tread thickness. The entire tire depth in the middle of the scooter is also rather thin with a depth of 4.4 mm. The sidewalls do are thick using a measured thickness of 1.8 mm.

In the highest rated atmosphere pressure of 75 psi, rolling resistance comes in at a reduced 19.0 watts. This is truly the lowest rolling resistance of all touring tires which were analyzed up to now. In 75 psi, it outperforms the Schwalbe Marathon (read review) by 0.6 watts. At lower air pressures, rolling resistance begins climbing much faster than similar tires. In an air pressure of 60 psi, the Schwalbe Marathon already includes a 0.6 volt advantage that raises to 5.6 watts at 30 psi.

Rolling resistance is near what I expected in the E-Series Reach. It is only unfortunate rolling resistance raises so much at higher air pressures. It is wonderful to have the ability to reduce air pressure to improve relaxation, 60 psi on 37-622 tires already provides quite a bumpy ride.

While performance from the rolling resistance evaluation is powerful, the E-Series Attain performs quite poorly from the puncture resistance evaluation. From the tread puncture resistance evaluation, that’s the most significant dimension, it is the lowest scoring scooter up to now. It will perform far better at the sidewall evaluation, but I am sure 90 percent of real life punctures have been from the tread area.

Puncture Factor Tread also comes in rather low since the tread isn’t just simple to puncture but also very thin. Having a score of 44 points, it scores less than half of what the Schwalbe Marathon scores (102). The same as the puncture resistance sidewall score, Puncture Factor Sidewall is on the large side also since the sidewalls are absolutely thick in comparison to other tires.

Rolling resistance at very large air pressures is extremely excellent. At lower air pressures, rolling resistance begins rising quicker than similar tires. From the puncture resistance test, the E-Series Attain performs horribly with the cheapest tread puncture scores thus far. In addition to that, it does not have much tread thickness. We do speed the CST E-Series Attain advocated 3/5 because. . This really is Bicycle Rolling Resistance.

There still does not appear to be a bicycle that comes near the Schwalbe Marathon (read review) in either the rolling resistance and puncture resistance sections. The Schwalbe Marathon remains our nr 1 recommended scooter for a minimal rolling resistance and higher puncture resistance. In addition to this, you also receive a decent tread profile and tread depth.